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What is RAPIDe Marketing?
RAPID eMarketing is a browser based marketing system
and contact management system all-in-one.

What can RAPIDe Marketing do for me?
• Manage your contacts using the CRM tool
• Mail E-mail newsletters with the eNewsletter tool
• Gather information from your contacts using the Surveys and Polls
• Track tasks and appointments with the Calendar
• Share documents, images, videos and more with the My Files and Our Files
• No installation neccessary, access RAPIDe Marketing from any computer with an internet connection.
•  Privacy Protection: We adhere to all industry privacy guidelines.
•  Expert Help: Whether you’re new to email marketing or an expert, we work to make your campaign successful.
•  SPAM-Free: Our email addresses are 100% permission-based.
•  CAN-SPAM Compliant:  We adhere to all industry regulations and best practices.
•  Secure Online Reporting: See how many emails were sent, delivered, bounced, opened and the number of click-throughs on your links.
Enter your first name, E-mail address, and phone number then click "get started."

Any questions?
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  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Virtual Office
  • Useful Widgets
  • Powerful Contact Management
  • Fully Customizable Newsletter Editor
  • Complete Support